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Transitional Living Program for Young Women From Oklahoma

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Journey Home: One of the Leading Transitional Living Programs Helping Young Women from Oklahoma

Choosing the best transitional living program for your daughter from Oklahoma can be a troublesome and very disorienting experience, a lot of doubts can come to our mind when we try to figure out the best option for our loved ones without any real knowledge about what’s going on, It’s important to make sure that a transitional living program is the best place for your daughter’s needs.

To make sure that Journey Home is the best fit for your Oklahoma family, we conduct an admissions interview, which is the first of many personalized steps specifically designed for every young woman’s needs and desires.Picture7

We help young women acquire all the necessary skills to be successful in society. During their time at our program, we help young women focus on five major core principles: healthy living, education, life skills, personal responsibility and social integration. These principles help to empower our residents towards a happier, brighter future.

Journey Home is located in Utah, more specifically in Layton, just outside Salt Lake City, but of course we help young women all over the country, including Oklahoma.

Our transitional living program from Oklahoma includes the family as an active part of the treatment, because we find that involving family and having a good, open and honest relationship with parents and siblings is the best proactive factor for a successful therapeutic process and a successful and happier life.

Journey Home is meant to be a place for young women who struggle with mental issues, and now want to find a place where they have the space necessary to develop skills and regain that sense of strength and empowerment to face society again, while they spend time adjusting to their new abilities gained through the previous treatment.
Transitional Living Program Oklahoma

Journey Home Creates Lasting Success For Oklahoma Young Women

Journey Home is one of the most professional transitional living programs from Oklahoma, we think that developing well-rounded skills is the best solution to achieve a long-lasting basis upon building success in our life. With more than a decade of experience in the field, our team established these five core principles as the most important areas to develop for becoming a successful and capable adult.

These principles are:

  • Healthy Living: It’s important to keep ourselves healthy, not only in our body, but also in mind and relationships. The objectives of this principle are to develop and take care of the body, learn to manage emotions and feelings and learn how to have good and satisfying relationships. Picture4
  • Education: In order to be a successful adult in a modern society having a job is important, and education can lead to more career opportunities. We teach how to develop hobbies and interests, and some career, high school or college skills.
  • Life Skills: Managing day-to-day problems is also very important for practical reasons and also to build self-esteem. We teach our girls financial (budgeting, balancing check book, saving), daily living (chores cleaning, hygiene, etc), shopping, cooking, organizational, time management and job searching skills.
  • Personal Responsibility: One of the most relevant principle is taking responsibility, gaining a sense of agency and commitment to ourselves and our desires, in order to do that our young women are trained to task completion, planning, time management and keeping commitments.
  • Social Integration: Interacting with others is of course fundamental to be in any society, therefore we teach our girls how to have positive recreational activities, do community service, dating and healthy socialization.

We differ from other transitional living programs in the fact that our program from Oklahoma is intended to involve parents and the resident in planning goals and treatment, this way we build up more sense of agency in our girls.

Who does Journey Home help?

Journey Home helps Oklahoma teens in a Transitional Living Program setting who are struggling with challenges similar to those below:
– Anxiety
– Mood Disorders
– Social Isolation
– Technology Addiction
– Academic Underachievement
– Grief and Loss
– Trauma
– School Refusal/ Truancy
– Low Self Confidence
– Depression
– Family Conflict
– Low Self Esteem
– Impulsive Behaviors
– Negative Peer Group
– Learning Differences

Resources for Oklahoma Families Seeking Help

Prevention and Early Intervention in Mental Health: A summary of the most common problems related to adolescence and transition to adulthood, regarding several areas such as health, safety, resources and relationships. It’s a great place for families to start in their quest for deeper understanding about how to help their youth succeed.
Logic Models and Outcomes for Youth in the Transition to Adulthood: Logic Models and Outcomes for Youth in the Transition to Adulthood is a social study regarding practice and outcomes in programs focused on intervention in transitioning adults. It analyses several programs with different methods, protection factors and risk factors.

Journey Home Helps Young Women From Oklahoma

Journey Home helps Oklahoma families from cities and towns like: Nichols Hills Edmond Goldsby Forest Park Piedmont Jenks Bixby Newcastle Blanchard Dickson

Journey Home can help your daughter from Oklahoma

Some examples of cities from Oklahoma which may have families who may be interested in Journey Home include: Oklahoma City Tulsa Norman Broken Arrow Lawton Edmond Moore Midwest Enid
Transitional Living Program Oklahoma

Journey Home helps Oklahoma families from zip codes such as:

Kim Peterson
Admissions Director

Kim has a Bachelors of Science degree in Political Science & Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Corrections from Weber State University. She has been employed at Solstice and Journey Home since February 2011 as a Mentor and is now Admissions Director. She has traveled extensively around the world and has enjoyed calling various destinations home. This has given her the ability to empathize with the young ladies who may be at times homesick for home and family. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and socializing with friends and family.