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Independent Living Program Helping Young Women From DC

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Continuing Success at an Independent Living Program For DC Young Women

It’s very difficult for parents to see their child struggling with emotional, mental or social issues. An independent living program like Journey Home provides a safe place where teens from DC can learn how to cope, and even better how to be successful in our modern society. JHRTC3

Many independent living programs focus on building self-esteem. But at Journey Home, we help encourage teens to become successful future adults, capable of coping with society,  and happy with their own life. To this end, we’ve developed a program based on five core principles, involving what our professional team considers to be the most important and critical areas that a successful adult needs to master.

Located in Layton, just outside Salt Lake City, Utah, Journey Home welcomes teens all over the country, including DC. According to scientific literature, living in a goal oriented environment enhances residents’ probability of success.

We differentiate ourselves form other independent living programs because of the involvement of both parents and residents in establishing goals and intermediate steps along each girl’s personal journey.

Our professional team welcomes every girl or child assigned female at birth between 16 and 21 from DC, eager to transform these girls and assigned female at birth into happy, satisfied and successful members of society by improving either their inner and outer skills.
Independent Living Program DC

Who does Journey Home help?

Journey Home helps DC teens in a Independent Living Program setting who are struggling with challenges similar to those below:
– School Refusal/ Truancy
– Anxiety
– Social Isolation
– Academic Underachievement
– Learning Differences
– Trauma
– Low Self Esteem
– Depression
– Mood Disorders
– Grief and Loss
– Impulsive Behaviors
– Technology Addiction
– Negative Peer Group
– Family Conflict
– Low Self Confidence

Successful Outcomes at An Independent Living Program Helping DC Young Women

Journey Home is one of the leading independent living programs which helps teens from DC. Our strategy is based on five core principles: healthy living, education, life skills, personal responsibility and social integration. We think that these are the core key areas to learn how to be a successful adult in our society. JHRTC1

But is our program the best possible choice for your daughter? Every new resident must have an admission interview, be between 16 and 21 years old and generally our program is indicated for depressive and anxiety disorders, body image issues, ADHD and other learning issues, academic struggles and low self-esteem.

Our program for any conduct disorders, aggressive related issues, sexual perpetration and court order related treatment.

Journey Home is a small, residential home setting dedicated to the guidance and healing of teens looking to continue their path to become successful, capable adults. It’s located just outside Salt Lake City, Utah and we help teens from DC and all over the country.

Our residents are followed step by step in their therapeutic program, goals are established by consulting family, the resident and of course our professional team. They take classes, have a follow up interview every two weeks and they can go on with studies or get a job. Not all activities at Journey Home are serious, our girls and assigned female at birth also participate in leisure activities like movies, sports, and many other things.

Resources for DC Families Seeking Help

Learning Disabilities Association of America: Learning Disabilities Association of America’s mission is to create opportunities for success for all individuals affected by learning disabilities and to reduce the incidence of learning disabilities in future generations.
California Independent Living Program: This is California’s Department of Social Services’ main site, providing information about their social program regarding independent living programs for foster care teens.

Journey Home can help your child from DC

Some examples of cities from DC which may have families who may be interested in Journey Home include: Washington

Journey Home Helps Young Women From DC

Journey Home helps DC families from cities and towns like: Washington
Independent Living Program DC

Journey Home helps DC families from zip codes such as:

Kim Peterson
Admissions Director

Kim has a Bachelors of Science degree in Political Science & Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Corrections from Weber State University. She has been employed at Solstice and Journey Home since February 2011 as a Mentor and is now Admissions Director. She has traveled extensively around the world and has enjoyed calling various destinations home. This has given her the ability to empathize with the teens who may be at times homesick for home and family. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and socializing with friends and family.