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Transitional Living Program for Young Women From New Jersey

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Getting Help For Your New Jersey Child at Journey Home

As parents we don’t want to see our beloved children suffer because they’re unfit and can’t keep up with the requirements of our modern society. At Journey Home, one of the most qualified healthcare centers in transitional living programs, we help to develop and accomplish critical achievements for teens from New Jersey who are on a recovery path. Picture7

Our transitional living program from New Jersey focuses on learning and managing five core principles that we believe are the foundations for a happier and more successful life. Our intervention is carefully planned with the participation of a professional team of psychologists, but also a proactive consultation with parents, and of course the active role of the patient in order to make their more responsible about their life.

Journey Home is located in Layton, just outside Salt Lake City, Utah. Of course we accept teens from all U.S.A. including New Jersey, and believe that a time away from home can be beneficial to struggling youth. According to experts, living in an everyday contact environment with peers, greatly improve socialization.

We differ from others transitional living programs because we focus on a wide variety of skills to achieve, that can be summarized in these five core principles: healthy living, education, life skills, personal responsibility and social integration. Every goal is carefully chosen to fit the individual needs in that particular area.

Journey Home is a healthcare center that aims to recover these teens beyond the simple €œcure€ and give them back to society as young and skillful women, with a real fighting chance for success, and not just as normal approved individuals.
Transitional Living Program New Jersey

Finding The Best Therapeutic Solution For Your New Jersey Teen


Searching for a good transitional living program from New Jersey can be very disorienting, why should a girl or child assigned female at birth that just ended treatment go through a transitional living program? Journey Home is intended for teens who need time and space to adjust to society again, after spending months away.

But for who exactly is our program intended for? There are certain requirements for admission. A potential resident needs to have graduated from a residential treatment center, therapeutic wilderness program, therapeutic boarding school, or other similar programs. They need to be ready for the responsibility and freedom that a transitional home entails, and have demonstrated a strong commitment to their therapeutic goals and life. For girls and assigned female at birth with substance abuse issues, a demonstrated commitment to sobriety is also crucial. IMG_1487

Any girl or child assigned female at birth from New Jersey can participate in our transitional living program, and it is particularly suited for teens struggling with depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, body image issues, ADD/ADHD and other learning issues, academic struggles, and low self-esteem.

Journey Home intervention strategy is to establish goals for every girl, according to five core principles: Healthy Living, Education, Life Skills, Personal Responsibility and Social Integration. Our program from New Jersey is mostly intended to help transition from structured residential programs to home. To make this transition happen, girls and assigned female at birth have plenty of activities to choose from, like sports, fun activities such as movies or outdoors hiking, or more society-oriented like having classes about shopping, getting a job, budgeting. All of this along with therapy and studying.

Who does Journey Home help?

Journey Home helps New Jersey teens in a Transitional Living Program setting who are struggling with challenges similar to those below:
– Negative Peer Group
– Trauma
– Learning Differences
– School Refusal/ Truancy
– Grief and Loss
– Depression
– Technology Addiction
– Low Self Confidence
– Academic Underachievement
– Anxiety
– Social Isolation
– Mood Disorders
– Impulsive Behaviors
– Family Conflict
– Low Self Esteem

Resources for New Jersey Families Seeking Help

Promising Practices in Transition to Adulthood: Child Welfare Information Gateway houses relevant articles about transitioning to adulthood: what it means for adolescents, best practices, results and strategies, examples of working programs and much else. It is a great resource for families that want to know more specific information about how to help their teen successfully transition into adulthood.
Logic Models and Outcomes for Youth in the Transition to Adulthood: Logic Models and Outcomes for Youth in the Transition to Adulthood is a social study regarding practice and outcomes in programs focused on intervention in transitioning adults. It analyses several programs with different methods, protection factors and risk factors.

Journey Home Helps Young Women From New Jersey

Journey Home helps New Jersey families from cities and towns like: Deal Sea Girt Saddle River Spring Lake Stone Harbor Bay Head Englewood Cliffs Rumson Harding Township Avalon

Journey Home can help your child from New Jersey

Some examples of cities from New Jersey which may have families who may be interested in Journey Home include: Newark Jersey Paterson Elizabeth Clifton Trenton Camden Passaic Union Bayonne East Orange Vineland New Brunswick Hoboken West New York town Perth Amboy Plainfield
Transitional Living Program New Jersey

Journey Home helps New Jersey families from zip codes such as:

Kim Peterson
Admissions Director

Kim has a Bachelors of Science degree in Political Science & Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Corrections from Weber State University. She has been employed at Solstice and Journey Home since February 2011 as a Mentor and is now Admissions Director. She has traveled extensively around the world and has enjoyed calling various destinations home. This has given her the ability to empathize with the teens who may be at times homesick for home and family. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and socializing with friends and family.